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  • What are your candles made of?

    Our candle wax is made with a blend of 100% (non-GMO) soy and coconut wax. They do not contain paraffin wax. Our candle wicks are 100% cotton and lead-free. Each candle offers one of Skylar’s signature scent, created with Skylar Body's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils.

    Our candles feature 100% cotton, lead-free wicks.

  • What are the wicks made of?

    Our candles feature 100% cotton, lead-free wicks.

  • What are the benefits of soy coconut candles?

    Our candle wax is made with a blend of 100% (non-GMO) soy and coconut wax. Soy coconut wax which is a natural, non-toxic, biodegradable and a renewable sustainable resource. Our wax candles are paraffin-free and burn cleaner, cooler, slower, and more evenly than other waxes.

    Did you know that over 95% of candles on the market today contain paraffin. In fact, many "soy" candles in today's market are actually a blend containing soy wax and paraffin wax. Our candles are clean burning, which means you can breathe without worrying when burning our candles.

  • How are your candles eco-friendly and sustainable?

    Our soy-coconut wax is biodegradable and from a renewable, sustainable resource. Our candles do not contain paraffin. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum (a non-renewable source) and release CO2 in the atmosphere when burned.

  • Do soy-coconut candles have as much fragrance as a paraffin wax candle?

    Yes! The scent of a candle comes from the pool of melted wax. Soy wax has a lower melting point than paraffin candles and consequently has a larger pool of melted wax to disperse the fragrance.

  • Where should I burn my soy-coconut candle?

    It is best to burn your candle on a stable, non-flammable, heat safe, hard surface away from drafts and material that could catch fire. Please do not leave your candle unattended. Keep burning candles out of reach of children and pets.

  • How long do your candles burn for?

    Our candled have a burn time of approximately 50 hours, when burned correctly. Burn times vary depending on the size of the room and conditions. We recommend burning your candle for no more than three hours at a time.

  • How do I care for my candles?

    Proper candle etiquette is the best way to ensure your candle burns cleanly and is long-lasting. Before you strike a match, trim the wick to ¼” every time (including the first) with our Skylar candle wick trimmer to minimize sooting. Light your candle for up to 3 hours at a time before giving it a breather. To avoid dusting of your candle, feel free to use the coaster we provided on top of your candle when you first opened it. If you do see sooting on your candle, easily take a wet paper towel or wipe the inside of the glass (once cool).

  • Do I need to trim the wick?

    You should always trim the wick to 1/4" every time you light your candle. Keeping your wick trimmed keeps flickering and/or smoke to a minimum and also makes your candle safer. Trimming also prevents your wick from curling back into the wax, which can occur with non-trimmed wicks.

    For your convenience, we offer a Candle Wick Trimmer available for purchase to keep your candles trimmed and neat.

  • How can I reuse my candle jar?

    Absolutely! We pour our candles into drinking glasses so that they can be reused and repurposed.

    When your candle has reached the end of its life span, pour hot or boiling water into the jar to melt the remaining amount of wax. When the water cools, the wax should float to the top of the jar and be easily removed. Wash the glass with soap and water before reusing.

    Our jars make excellent drinking glasses, storage containers, planters and anything else you can dream up.

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