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  • How do I choose a different scent for my subscription?

    Changing your full size scent selection is easy. Sign in to your Skylar Account and click on "Scent Auto Renewal" in the Active Orders section. Click on “Want to change your scent?” and select a different scent. Click on the “Save” button and voila! Your new scent will ship on your scheduled ship date.

  • How do I add a scent to my subscription?

    Adding a scent to your subscription is easy! All you have to do is log into your Skylar Account and click on "Scent Auto Renewal" in the Active Orders section. From there you can add a scent to your upcoming shipment by scrolling down the page and clicking on "Add" button under the scent you would like. Your order will reflect the newly added scent and an updated order total with any additional savings included.

  • What is my discount with a subscription?

    Replenish your Skylar products and you’ll save 15% off and receive free U.S. shipping and returns on your subscription product(s)!

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Change your mind? You can easily change or cancel your subscription at any time through your account. To cancel your subscription, sign in to your Skylar Account and click on the "Scent Auto Renewal" in the Active Orders section that you would like to cancel. Click on “Cancel Order” at the bottom of the page. In the pop-up window, please click on the "No thanks! I want to cancel" link. Select the Reason for your Cancellation and click on the "Submit" button to complete your cancellation. Please note that by canceling your order you will surrender your $20 sample credit.

    If you do not see any orders under your Active Subscriptions then you do not currently have a subscription.

  • I just canceled my subscription but I want to reactivate it. What should I do?

    If you have cancelled subscription, but would like to reactivate it, please Contact Us and we would be happy to help!

  • How do I change the replenishment schedule of my full size scent(s)?

    To change your replenishment schedule of your full size scents, sign in to your Account. Click on "Scent Auto Renewal".

    Orders originally set on a 3, 6, or 9 month frequency can be updated through your account. If you originally placed your order as a One Time Only order, please contact us and we would be happy to change your order to replenish on the regular. We'll only bill you when your order ships.

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